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Greg “Greggo” Williams, co-host of RAGE Radio on KRLD/105.3 FM “The Fan,” announced about an hour ago via Twitter that he has been fired from the station.

“ATTENTION FanFans…I just got fired by station…not much reason given..but now I’ve been fired by all three sports station,” tweeted Williams, who has also worked for KTCK/1310 “The Ticket” and KESN/103.3 FM ESPN Radio.

Thinking this might be a stunt, I contacted a Fan spokesperson, who confirmed that Williams is no longer with the station.

After Williams’ tweet, I went to the Fan website to see if RAGE was renamed, since it gets its name in part from the first initials of its co-hosts, Greggo and Richie Whitt. The show was nowhere to be found on the site. The station spokesperson confirms that yes, Whitt and the show are gone, too.


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2 Responses to Local Radio News

  1. b_caesar says:

    Wow – on the 105.3 page, where it has 2-7 PM weekdays – it's just BLANK – there are still a few references to RAGE & Whitt's end in the blog postings, though.

  2. RPM says:

    I listened to RAGE for quite a bit. Not because of a love for Greggo, but my dislike for The Hardline. Lately, the Richie/Sybil stuff had been unbearable and I'm sure the ratings suffered because of it. Greg missed an awful lot of work due to illness and that didn't help things. But that's the radio business. Here today, "Who?" tomorrow.

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