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  1. Ben W. says:

    I have a friend who is gay who attended Baylor as an undergrad. She said it was a very oppressive environment, and she was only out to a very close circle of friends. After her first year, she transferred to SMU, and found it to be much better. She said that at Baylor she felt like she was constantly being pushed into pretending to be something she wasn't, just so she wouldn't be mistreated. If I remember correctly, one of the conditions for her scholarship was that she "comply with all school rules," one of which was belief in & following the school's honor code, and that included a phrase condemning homosexuality. That was another reason she left – she couldn't in good conscience continue to break that.

    Of course, she wasn't a world-class athlete, she was just a regular person.

  2. Sara De La Rosa says:

    I saw Primer recently as well. I consider myself pretty intelligent, and can follow most "complicated" movies without a problem, but I swear I looked at that illustration on Wikipedia for a few hours. I think I can almost wrap my head around it now. But I liked it. Have you seen Timecrimes (2007) "Los cronocrímenes"? I really liked that one.

    • Geeding says:

      I may have to look at that WIkipedia illustration a bit more and hopefully it will sink it. I haven't seen Timecrimes but will probably give it a try soon. Thanks for the recommendation.

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