Bag of Randomness


  • There’s a nice soft recliner set directly in front of my television called Daddy’s Chair that I often fall asleep in.  Yesterday DaughterGeeding decided to empty her bladder while sitting in it.  She been potty trained over a year and doesn’t need night time diapers, so yesterday came as a surprise, however, I’ll never look at my chair the same way.
  • That fast break ally-oop dunk towards the end of the half was amazing.
  • It’s interesting how the court and goals have stayed the same but the bodies on the court have enlarged so much.
  • When I hear the name Margaret Thatcher, unfortunately the first thing that pops in my head is that Austin Powers quote.
  • I thought all three evening news show would start off with her death, but only NBC lead with the story.  CBS went with diplomat death and ABC with gun control.
  • I took OtherDogGeeding to the vet, thankfully it’s nothing more than allergies.  The Benadryl I was giving him wasn’t doing the trick, sot he vet gave us some eye drops and tablets.  Despite having him as long as we’ve had, he’s never sneezed so often nor has his eyes ever been so red.
  • I miss the days that I could just go outside and “play” in the clothes that I’m already in.
  • I had a dream that James Earl Jones died and the Internet almost shut down from reaction.
  • Joe Flacco will play Johnny Unitas in an upcoming move.  Unitas’ son like’s the casting choice, Unitas’ grandson, not so much.
  • Turn your Vine Twitter videos into a cool little flipbook.
  • When Josh Hamilton gave that whole Jesus not being welcomed back to his hometown talk, I was reminded of my childhood friend who said he could never come back to Mineral Wells to be a pastor because of that verse.  Well, that friend has been a pastor in Mineral Wells for over a decade.
  • The next time Hamilton will be cheered for at the Ballpark is when he’s inducted into the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame.  Hopefully Sherlocks will cater the event.
  • The U.S. Navy has developed a laser that can be used to shoot down aircraft and target ships and a few other things.  I was impressed with the video on how the laser can lock on a boat despite bobbing waters, and one laser shot will cost less than a dollar compoared to a half-million dollar missile.  Here’s a CBS News video/article if you are interested.
  • Random Ronnie Milsap music
  • The television show ‘Dallas’ has a Texas Governor character that also has good hair, but not as good as the real thing.
  • Garth Brook’s first name is Troyal.
  • CVS is short for Consumer Value Stores.
  • Some comedy for you ‘Homeland’ fans
  • Tempting picture of the day: Rugby player’s broken nose
  • The Ohio State University mascot played QB at a practice or scrimmage and got leveled – YouTube
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