Bag of Randomness


  • Yesterday while sharing a milkshake with my daughter, we watch the sun set for the first time together.  That’s a moment I’ll cherish for a while.
  • I saw that Which Wich now offers a lettuce wrap instead of bread for their sandwiches.  I was there for their chocolate milkshake, and I think they offer the best fast food milkshake around.
  • Speaking of sandwiches, a former Baylor Bear and current St Louis Rams running back is spending the off season working in a Waco sandwich shop for minimum wage to save money and stay out of trouble.
  • We walked past a karate studio in which I saw elementary kids using nunchucks, man they start ’em young with those fancy weapons.
  • I was reading a very lengthy but interesting TIME magazine article about the high cost of health care, like why two generic Tylenols will cost you $1.50 or a warm blanket will cost $32 or the appearance fee for a blood drawing technician is $36, when this stat about Houston popped out at me: Houston’s top 10 employers – five are hospitals, three are energy companies.  But overall it’s a darn good article, basically saying there’s a lack of transparency, lack of competition, someone called the chargemaster at hospitals decides on the prices with no reasoning, and it’s a seller’s market.  Oh, and it’s not the doctors or nurses making all the money nowadays, but it’s not for profit hospital administrators and those making and selling medical equipment.
  • I saw an article about Tim Tebow cancelling his FBC Dallas appearance.  In the article, FBC Dallas was referred to as a giant mega church.  “Giant mega church” sure seems like a redundant term, kinda like frozen tundra.
  • FBC Dallas’ statement yesterday seemed a bit long-winded and whiny, and to me they passively accused Tebow of being a coward.  If that wasn’t enough, Pastor Jeffress is already on a media tour capitalizing on this publicity.  It was interesting listening to the guys on The TICKET talk about it, and most seemed to be very proud and supportive of Tebow.  I’m in their camp.
  • A screenprint from the homepage of FBC Dallas touting Jeffress being in the national media.  I wonder if he had the church waste money on building an indoor studio for such events.
  • Granted, I’m a recovering Baptist and I may be painting with an awfully broad brush, but I tend to think that when they get criticized, they do little to act humble and self analyze and consider that they could better shape their message, act more gracefully, or even be wrong.  Instead, they blame ‘the world’ for not understanding them and taking things out of context, cry victim, say others lack courage for not standing tall, and then state they are proudly unapologetic because they are defending Jesus and stand with their definition of the truth.  I’m not saying there’s a denomination that does it right, but I tend to think of the SBC as the squeaky wheel of denominations.
  • Someone commented yesterday that Sen. Ted Cruz is eligible to be President because his parents are/were U.S. citizens.  I disagree with that definition of natural-born-citizen, which is left vague in the Constitution.  It would be interesting if someone like him were to run and be challenged on his eligibility so the courts could be forced to define that term.  In a way, I was a bit surprised that no one challenged McCain on that issue since he was born on a military base on Panama.  I take it back, he was challenged on birth and eligibility.
  • I watched a little of the original British version of “House of Cards” and enjoyed comparing the similarities.  It’s well acted, and getting a peak inside Parliament is neat, but the production seems cheap or dated, perhaps because it was shot in 1989.
  • 86 percent of Netflix subscribers said having the access to watch House of Cards makes them less likely to cancel their subscriptions
  • I’ve only eaten at a Waffle House once.
  • The actor that played Mr Gaines on “A Different World” died this week at the age of 75, he is survived by his mother that is 95.
  • High Schooler Suspended For Tweeting About Teacher’s Bad Parking Job
  • Star Wars Family Tree
  • If you visted yesterday you may want to read this.
  • Scarecrow’s ‘Messianic’ pose alarms Christians
  • For you fellow “Person of Interest” watchers, the guest star on last night’s show that plays Samantha Groves (a.k.a. Root) is a Dallas product – Amy Acker
  • The screen door was making a loud squeaking sound and I couldn’t find the WD-40, so I resorted to using some Pam that seemed to do the trick.
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Andy says:

    I LOVED the Time article on health care and shared it on Facebook. My doctor friend (who doesn't seem to have actually read it) is already rushing to defend the system. I'm still hoping for a Medicare-for-all / single payer solution, but the guilty parties within the industry will fight it with all they've got. Makes me want to move to Canada or Europe. Fortunately, my employer provides excellent insurance, so we are OK for now.

  2. 05girl says:

    Come to ATL; you will dine at Waffle House weekly. Preferably between the hours of 1am and 6am.

  3. Steven Brill, the author of that Time article, was interviewed on Jon Stewart's show yesterday.

  4. David says:

    I'm going to have to read that healthcare article. I learned so many interesting things about the system when doing my Health Services Mgt MBA. My favorite course was Healthcare Policy. I even considered doing a doctorate in the subject somewhere down the road.

    Amy Acker has been in several episodes of Person of Interest. Last night's new guest star, Sarah Shahi, is also from around here, being born in Euless. She also went to SMU, won Ms Ft Worth USA, and was a Dlaas Cowboy's cheerleader. She's had lead roles on a couple of TV shows and been in a number of movies, most importantly, Old School.

  5. b_caesar says:

    Jimmy John's has been offering a "lettuce" wrapped sandwich for a while now. Not my cup of tea, but thought you'd want to know that WhichWich wasn't the only game in town offering something like that…I'm sure there are others, too.

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