Oklahoma students are only allowed to wear apparel from Oklahoma universities?

An Oklahoma kindergarten student who was told to turn his University of Michigan T-shirt inside-out while in school has become a hero for the team’s fans and has been invited to a Michigan game to be introduced at halftime.

Cooper Barton, 5, was wearing the “Go-Blue” tee that his uncle, who is in the military but takes classes at Michigan, to kindergarten last week. An eagle-eyed school staff member who knows and strictly adheres to the school’s dress code rules told Connor that he was in violation of the Oklahoma City Public Schools’ policy, and asked him to turn the shirt inside out.

“I was angry, my son felt a little embarrassed,” Cooper’s mother Shannon Barton told ABC News. “He didn’t understand why he had to turn his shirt inside-out.”

Shannon Barton said she and her husband contacted the school’s principal, who sent them information on the school’s policy on students wearing professional sports attire. Students are only allowed to wear apparel from Oklahoma universities.

Barton said that she and her husband also contacted the school board, and the two plan to attend a board meeting on Sept. 10. She says she sees a double standard.

“Our point was, why do you allow one and not the other? Every day kids are wearing [Oklahoma City] Thunder shirts, and no one ever makes them turn their shirt,” she said. Barton said her older son has worn Michigan gear to school several times without incident.

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