Bag of Randomness

  • That squirrel feeder cracks me up, click on the image if you want to buy it.
  • Russians actually carry a gun for space travel … originally they did so in case they went off course during re-entry and needed to protect themselves from wolves and bears.
  • NY Giant Osi Umenyiora thinks Robert Griffin III hasn’t done anything to earn the “RG3” nickname, so he’s refers to him as “Bob Griffin.”
  • Ron Paul had a bill very easily pass in the House to audit the Fed, but what I found interesting was that it had 270 co-sponsors.
  • I was real fascinated with the newly released Sea World video of the trainer that was almost drowned by an killer whale during a performance.  The video is about 15 minutes long without any sound, and a lot of it is stressful to watch as the trainer being drug around by his foot and held underwater for long periods of time, but for me the most dramatic moment is when he finally makes it to the stage and tries to run away in shallow water (which starts around the 9:15 mark).
  • Animal Mowing Calculator – Select one of five animals (goat, sheep, cow, chicken or guinea pig) and see how many of each it would take to mow your yard.
  • The Atlantic has an interesting read on the lack of guns in Japan as citizens can basically only own shotguns and air rifles.  To buy a gun, one must attend an all day class that is only offered once a month, pass a written test, pass a mental health test, a drug test, a background check, and then police get to inspect the gun once per year and owners have to re-take the class and exam every three years.  I’m only posting this because I found it interesting and not advocating that I’m for or against what they do.
  • The term used to reference the space between letters and words is kerning.
  • Here’s a book that comes to the reader in an air tight container.  Once the book is exposed to the air, a chemical process takes place in which the letters start to fade away in two to four months.
  • A Carolina Panthers lineman put a full page ad in the paper stating his team would win the Super Bowl this year.
  • A fascinating interactive map of the Internet.
  • An article that describe how hard it is to describe the smell of space and how the old Russian Mir space station smell was described as, ” “sweaty feet and stale body odor, mix that odor with nail polish remover and gasoline… then you get close!””
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  1. Doug says:

    Very minimal sympathy for Seaworld employees. Killer whales travel with their family thousands of miles a year. They don't belong alone in a pool.

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