Bag of Randomness

  • In the past two years, two close pastoral friends of mine have moved to opportunities out of state.  So I still have my Favorite East Coast Pastor, he just moved a little further south; but now my Favorite Llano Estacado Pastor is going to become my Favorite Deep South Pastor, which  means my childhood friend who is a pastor in Abilene becomes my Favorite Pastor of All of West Texas.
  • Speaking of pastors, a few years ago a BoN reader encouraged me to check out Adam Hamilton, and now he just might be my favorite pastor.  I’ve been especially touched by a recent series focusing on death.  In particular, the sermon on life after death and the one on Christianity and suicide.
  • Adam Hamilton sounds like the name of a love child between two Founding Fathers.
  • Somewhat random thought that went through my head as I typed that last bullet . . . I think most Christians nowadays think of Heaven as a right and not as a reward, and unfortunately I think it’s often taught/preached that way to get people ‘saved.’
  • My bike got a tune up recently and I took it for a spin yesterday, it’s amazing how much smoother it rides, but now that the gears work correctly, I found I didn’t get as good as a workout since I was limited on my gear selection.
  • I bought a speedometer/odometer thingy for it and the instructions were horrible.  Thankfully some bike shop owner on YouTube was nice enough to make his own instructional video.
  • Politicians are going to be barred from speaking at this year’s 9/11 ceremony in New York.  I think that’s a great decision, and no president or governor wants to be the first to willfully choose not to attend . . . it could be seen as very insensitive and there’s got to be a point in which enough time has passed that presidents and governors need not attend.  I’m just glad the  National September 11 Memorial and Museum made the choice as it made it easier for politicians, not that I like politicians all that much.
  • I recently read up on Rolling Stone member Bill Wyman.  When he was 47, he dated a 13-year-old Mandy Smith and married her when she turned eighteen.  Her mother eventually married Bill Wynman’s son . . . which mean that Mandy Smith’s mother was simultaneously Bill Wyman’s mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.
  • Change you Yahoo! password now.
  • A D.C. officer allegedly said he would shoot the First Lady.
  • How Christopher Nolan Rebuilt Batman
  • I wish Spider-Man was one word like Batman and Superman.
  • An impressive Star Trek home theater [Thanks, Hans!]
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