Bag of Randomness

  • Interesting casting – Matthew McConaughey will play JFK and Minka Kelly will play Jackie.
  • The charity founded by Jerry Sandusky is seeking to close and transfer it’s assets to Arrow Child and Family Ministries which is based of all places, in Carrollton, TX.  However, they would continue to provide services in Pennsylvania.
  • I’m not sure where this picture was taken, but it seems like you can now buy a morning drink that is a mixture of Mountain Dew and orange juice.
  • The first word I should try to get my son to say is “brains”.  Hopefully he’ll just say it all the time and everyone thinks he’s just a cute little zombie.
  • The origin of getting the key to the city.  Heck, I had no idea that Saddam Hussein received a key to the city of Detroit after making a large donation to a church.
  • Don’t be fooled, this is a real life zombie story, stay away from the Miami area.
  • 360° Videos That You Can Control While Watching
  • It’s like a Chick-fil-A commercial for beer.
  • Mav’s guard Jason Terry is selling his Atlanta house that comes with a barbershop.
  • The iconic Tienanmen Square picture right before it happened.
  • A few guys ran into Bill Murray, and instead of asking him for an autograph, asked if he would walk down the hallway with them in slow motion.  He granted their request.
  • There’s a story out there where a guy was eating his burger and fries and out of nowhere Murray walked up, grabbed a fry, dipped it into the ketchup and ate it, and then told the dude that if he told anyone what just occurred they wouldn’t believe him..
  • Iron Man Irony
  • John Lennon signing an autograph for the person who would later kill him.
  • Chocolate bars that are delivered by wooden sailing cargo ship.
  • Paint that turns any wall or surface into a dry erase board, and it comes in several colors.
  • Vanderbilt pulled off a triple steal.
  • Mad Men thoughts:
    • Someone is going to win an Emmy for that episode, but I don’t know who is more deserving, Christina Hendricks (Joan) or Elisabeth Moss (Peggy).
    • Interesting how both Joan and Peggy stated in different ways that there wasn’t a dollar figure that could win them over.
    • I loved how Don held on to Peggy’s hand, it was both a goodbye and a way of showing his blessing,  and I can’t figure out if the loss of Peggy Olson is going to be bigger for the firm or for the show, at least I think her character is leaving the show.  But wouldn’t it be cool to see her pitch against Don in a future episode? Don sure did have a veiny forehead in that scene.
    • At the end of the season I’m sure we’re going to see Megan draper win an acting gig and when the new season picks up, we’ll see how it affected her relationship with Don.  I’m actually waiting for a scene in which she has to kiss a man on stage and the camera close in on Don’s face.
    • On what should have been a joyous day, Don’s disappointment (or regret) about Joan’s decision and his protege leaving to work for his nemesis is going to cause him to get hammered that night.
    • I thought Peggy was really sad as she walked out the door of SCDP for the last time, but seeing that grin as the music started to play made us all realize she no longer has to worry about the glass ceiling at SCDP.
    • I loved the shot of Ginsberg not paying attention to the girl crawling on the table and just looking at Don’s office, realizing that Don is the actually target audience of the project.
    • I think Joan wore the same fur that Roger gave her way back a while back when she went to meet with the Jaguar guy.
    • Joan stated that $50,000 was four times the amount she made in one year, so that means she makes $12,500.  When you plug that figure in the inflation calculator and use the year 1967 (the season started in 66 but the holidays have passed), that’s $86,109.66 in today’s dollars.  Peggy’s new salary is $19,000, and that translates into $130,886.68 in today’s dollars.
    • JaguarUSA’s tweet after the most recent episode.
    • Just two more episode this season. 🙁
  • GirlGeeding will turn two this Thursday but we had a birthday part for her this weekend.  If you are interested in see a bunch of people you don’t know, a bearded Geeding, cuteness, and a birthday party with a them from The Very Hungry Caterpillar, click here.  I thought WifeGeeding did a great job making the cake, and here’s a little something that was given to us that you Baylor folks will appreciate, namely my friends Andy and Barry.  Normally that kind of stuff annoys me, but this was clever and the Baylor folks after years of darkness deserve some time in the sun.
  • After I took those photos I uploaded them to Picassa which stores the them on a network drive only to see two folders of pictures, so I deleted only one of them . . . but in doing so it deleted all of them.  Thankfully I found some free software called Glary Undelete that was able to recover all the deleted files.  Let me tell ya, that was a stress ten or so minutes when I thought I lost all those birthday pics.
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  1. dan says:

    "Sometimes that'w why we get sick, because the Lord is spanking us for being naughty".

    Does that make medical research a confrontation of the will of God?

  2. AndreaJN says:
    Taco Bell, is now testing up a concoction of Mountain Dew and OJ called Mountain Dew A.M. at Taco Bells in Fresno and Southern California.
    ….I'd try that.

    Also congrats to your big girl!

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