Bag of Randomness

  • Here’s a story that will rattle the nerves of some of the local folk – The “White Rock Marathon” will now be called the”Metro PCS Dallas Marathon” and the route will no longer begin and end at Fair Park.  I understanding the reason for the name change, it becomes more recognized as a Dallas event and the sponsorship adds big bucks, but it just now it seems a bit cheapened.
  • If I had to guess who was the highest paid CEO in DFW, I’d say it would be the one running Exxon/Mobile, but I’d be wrong.
  • I took GirlGeeding for her first bicycle ride yesterday using one of these things.  At first she appeared to be pretty scared, but I think she later started to like it after a while.  I just wish WifeGeeding would have remembered to get the camera to capture this father-daughter first.
  • My neighborhood has way too many hills for bike riding, but there are a few flat stretches.
  • I took her out to find a bicycle helmet and she navigated to the Barbie ones since they were pink . . . thankfully there were other pink helmets to choose from.
  • The CBS Evening News had a very interesting visual of the line of climbers trying to make their way to the top of Mount Everest.  I always imagined it as a desolate trek but it’s quite crowded.
    I also thought this night time picture was interesting as it shows the lights from the headlamps of all the climbers.
    You can check out the video report here if you are interested.
  • Dog refuses to leave side of dead companion
  • A very interesting visual that show why Obama may just be a one-term president – Who are the Super PACs’ Biggest Donors?
  • There’s still Obama birth certificate issues?
  • White zebras look kinda cool.
  • In the world of televisions, students always had to stand when called upon in the classroom.  I was never required to stand in any of my classes.
  • The kid that grilled Kareem in Airplane! is now a photographer.  Here’s his website, per Wikipedia.
  • Any information you tell Siri, Apple analyzes and stores it.
  • A chart that tells you when it’s OK to say “gay”.
  • Gandalf couldn’t have said it any better: “May the Force be with you.”
  • It might be a bit expensive, but it might just be worth it to build your own backpack.
  • The ugliest footwear in the history of ever now has a wedding collection.
  • Our Meals are 4 Times Larger Than in the 1950s
  • Tampa Bay Rays Post Lineup Card With Superhero Names for Each Player
  • “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”
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