Bag of Randomness

  • During the G8 Summit at Camp David, the leaders of their respective countries gathered around the television to watch a championship match between a team from German and the United Kingdom.  The White House provided this photo of Prime Minister of Great Britain David Cameron’s reaction during the winning goal, and this photo of him hugging it out with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany.  I’m not sure who that one guy sitting to our left at the table, but he could not care less about what is going on.
  • My pastor told us a story how he attended an Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ event in which Junior Seau was the featured guest and speaker.
  • Mick Jagger was a much better guest host on SNL that what I expected.  The end of the show had a graduation skit that was really just a good-bye to Kristen Wiig.  It was interesting to watch her face and she started to show her emotions at the beginning, then hide them, and then tear up.  What a fantastic way to say good-bye, to dance with your cast-mates (with the last being with the great Lorn Michaels who was a mentor like figure to her, and his appearance almost made me tear up) as you are being serenaded (partly) by a rock legend.  You can watch it here, but I thought that was a weird fitting dress she was wearing.
  • Speaking of tearful good-byes . . . In this video [updated with correct link] Kerry Wood throws his last pitch and as he walks off the field, he’s greeted by his son.
  • Jagger will turn 69 in July, I would like to know what he does diet and exercise wise because he certainly still energetic on the stage.
  • Here’s an interesting article about charities that send you return address labels.
  • Now with a little less awesome.
  • Cupcakewurst – A cupcake baked inside of a sausage casing that you actually grill.  That link provides plenty of pics and even a video of how to make your own.
  • How Tony Stark’s latest car in The Avengers was transformed from a 1991 NSX with 250,000 into a new sleek automotive piece of art.
  • For all you pastors out there, here’s the latest on Ed Young’s, one of the topics is skinny jeans.
  • It was nice meeting you, Amber.
  • This fall CBS is going to have an updated version of Sherlock Holmes, and after watching this preview, I think it’s going to be one heck of a show.  I keep thinking that Hugh Laurie would have made a great Sherlock, being that he plays the medical version on House, which airs it’s series finale today.  Huh, that’s interesting, I just made the connection.  House is also a current day version of Sherlock Holmes (albeit in the medical field) and will end, as another current day version of the detective picks up, so the character lives on.
  • I didn’t know that some Canadian bills smell like maple syrup.
  • The Canary Islands gets its name not from the bird, but a twist of the Latin name dog.
  • Matthew Fox has lost a lot of weight.
  • A British citizen was arrested in Bangkok with a suitcase full of roasted human baby fetuses covered in gold.
  • Funny yearbook photo of two best buddies
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Anon says:

    The Kerry Wood link is to highlights of his 20 strikeout game from 1998.

  2. dan says:

    The new Sherlock Holmes series looks intriguing. PBS' Masterpiece Theater just finished up the second year of a three-part Sherlock Holmes which is set in present day London. Holmes' rival, Moriarty,is a sadistic pyschopath who is so sick the show was unsettling to watch. I still think the best version is the Robert Downey, Jr. Holmes with Jude Law as Watson.

  3. Amanda says:

    It was Amanda, but it was delightful to meet you too!

  4. Alma says:

    That was my kid! Keith – I tried to teach her good manners and I promise I covered stalking. We love your blog and read it everyday so it's like we know you personally. Hope you weren't freaked out – oh and I cried when your dog died ;(

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