Bag of Randomness

  • Yesterday I was watching Extra with WifeGeeding and one of my closest friends, and they both rated Maria Menounos a 10.  I was surprised that we had such an consensus between a male and a female.  For the record, I didn’t provide any rating because I’m too quirky and picky, but I kept throwing other names out there to see if I could get the two to agree on another 10 – and after about a half hour, the only other 10 they agreed on was Kate Beckinsale.
  • We (mostly WifeGeeding) was able to return a lost dog to her owner yesterday.  That’s always a good feeling.
  • I made sure to stay up to watch Conan O’Brien on Letterman last night.  There was a lot of potential there, and as much of a fan I am of the two, I was left a bit disappointed. Their first segment focused a lot on Leno and I just found the talk to be awkward.  I was hoping they would talk more about their Late Night connection.  I bet for some like Conan who is so use to being behind the desk, being a guest is quite awkward.
  • The daytime running lights on Audi’s are friggin’ sweet.
  • Today’s Facebook IPO is going to make Bono an even richer man, he’ll be worth more than Paul McCartney.
  • I saw a woman jogging yesterday with ankle-weights, I can’t recall the last time I saw someone wearing those.
  • ESPN is going to have more 30 for 30 film series, and I’m looking forward to the Bo Jackson episode.
  • Angie Harmon is a big fan of the new Avengers movie and wants to play the She-Hulk, really bad.  This particular part of the article caught my attention: And she’d be fine wearing She-Hulk’s skimpy costume? ”I would rock that like there is no tomorrow. I would kill that outfit. I’d put these 36Cs on display. Boom!” she said. “And what about her libido? That’s my favorite part. She-Hulk, bed! She-Hulk, screw! 
  • Speaking of the Avengers, here is one heck of an infographic that pieces all of the movies and characters together.  I thought it was a rather enjoyable read.
  • Here’s an interesting article about the Texas Rangers from Sports Illustrated that everyone else had read but I’m just now getting to.  This part stood out:  The league average on first-pitch hitting is .322. The Rangers crush first pitches at a .406 clip with the most such hits in the league.  The article also had a nice blurb about Yu, his ability to speak enough English and Spanish, his competitiveness and how he works on being accepted as part of the team.  Surely he’ll make the cover of SI soon and have a feature article.
  • I think Josh Hamilton, as much as he won’t admit it, has a very unique support system in Texas.  If he leaves after this season, I expect his demons to come back ten-fold.  That’s not a wish or anything, I just don’t think the support system the Rangers and the area provides can be duplicated.
  • An autistic boy is really moved by a street musician.
  • The iPod and iPhone connection cable may soon be changing, which I think is going to mess up the lives of a lot of folks.
  • A visual way to read articles, but I don’t think it displays in Chrome all that well.
  • I don’t think a horizontal shower is a good idea.  There’s a small bit of caution with that link.
  • A woman collected some rocks on a beach, and they later gave her third-degree burns when they ignited in her pants.
  • In June of 1971, just days before his 26-year-old son, Michael, got married, future-U.S. President Ronald Reagan sent him the following letter of advice
  • Great Vietnamese-American senior quote humor
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  1. dan says:

    The Ronald Reagan letter should be required reading [out loud] for any guy applying for a marriage license.

  2. dan says:

    Something bothered me so I went back and checked. Micheal Reagan got married several months after he received ths letter from his dad. He was divorced a year later. He married a second time, years later, and as far as I can tell is still married.

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