Bag of Randomness

  • Per my new Consumer Reports, when the term kosher is used with pickles, it doesn’t mean it was prepared under a rabbi’s supervision, but that garlic was added to the brine.  And dill sometimes refers to size or that dill weed was added to the brine.
  • The CBS Evening News has been using Sky News’ Holly Williams for some of their reporting in Asia.  Her blonde hair and British accent certainly has my attention.
  • What the front of an NFL contract looks like.
  • I love how the Comedy Awards uses Johnny Carson’s old curtain from The Tonight Show.
  • Since I’m married to the best looking one-eyed-woman I know, I’m always on the lookout for one-eyed stories.  Here’s one in which a war veteran has the Purple Heart on his prosthetic eye, and he’s another one where a man actually gets a bionic eye implant.
  • I was writing the other day looking for a way to backup all my photos online and compared different plans.  One of my readers was nice enough to recommend SmugMug, where you can store unlimited photos for only $40 a year and they also offer other bells and whistles such as easy linking and great displays.  He was also nice enough to provide a promotion code for $5 off the first year ( 7hlbThvNOsIu2).  Yeah, he may get a small incentive for providing the code, but hey, it’s $5.  Here’s an in-depth review of SmugMug if you are interested.
  • A California man wants to find Bin Laden’s body before the presidential election.
  • Next year the cost of an upper deck seat at a Charlotte Bobcats game will be the number the team gets in the lottery.
  • There was a lot of buzz on the Internet about the new Samsung phone.  It has a sensor that can tell if you are looking at the screen, so when you aren’t it will dim or go off and come back on when  you look at it.  If you are on a text and then just hold the phone to your face, it will call the person that text is from.  And it has some sort of Siri like function to it as well.
  • One major advantage that I think Apple has over it’s phone competitors is that it only produces one phone at a time, so it’s able to pour all it’s time and resources into developing a new one, as opposed to other phone manufacturers who make numerous phones and have to spread their time and resources.
  • Mountain Dew Cupcakes
  • There’s nothing like bringing a toddler to the after game press conference.
  • A birthday cake with a melting chocolate candle
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. dan says:

    I can't figure out what accent Holly Williams has; it sounds Irish? It's impressive that she is fluent in Mandarin. Maybe this will be the future for news organizations, instead of sending reporters all over the place they will just borrow reporters from other news outlets who already have reporters on the ground. I notice that PBS's News Hour uses NYT reporters on the ground in certain locales to fill out there stories rather than sending a reporter. It actually works out better because the NYT reporter is normally an expert who has spent decades covering that part of the world. Another CBS reporter that I'm curious about is Elizabeth Palmer. She appears to be in her 50's and they have had her reporting solo from all sorts of hell holes, such as the in the middle of crowds during the Arab Uprising.

    I saw the story about the soldier with the purple heart eyeball yesterday. It's really eerie, I found myself staring at his one eye instead of looking at the rest of his face.

  2. Stefanie says:

    I've been on SmugMug for a couple years now and I LOVE IT! For us, we use the business function of the site to sell the rodeo photography. But, seriously, I cannot praise that company enough. Excellent software, easy to use, allows advanced site manipulation, easy to sell photos and great customer service.

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