Dear God – Schools and Church

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One Response to Dear God – Schools and Church

  1. Stefanie says:

    This makes me sad.

    On one side, hogwash that God isn't allowed in school. I prayed before countless exams and no one stopped me. I didn't force the person next to me to join in. That's all the schools don't allow. So, stop saying he's not allowed in school. No one ever said to leave God in the locker. They are only saying to stop putting him in everybody lockers, whether they want it there or not.

    On the other side, leaders that abuse cause a lot of trauma in the most sinister way. Church is a place of worship but it doesn't mean only Christians can attend. It's evil to say that God allows it. He didn't put a rapist in church anymore than he put a rapist in homes of children, their neighborhoods, their schools, their dorms, their streets. It's all one world and just as much as good can exist, so can sin.

    So, in my opinion, both use God's name in vain. And, both are just sad.

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