Bag of Randomness

  • Two politicians are having an argument. One of them stands up and says, “You’re lying!” The other one answers, “Yes, I am, but hear me out.”
  • Romney won Mackinac County by 1 vote. 667 votes to Santorum’s, wait for it, 666 votes. – @chucktodd
  • Obama got pegged as an “elitist” during the last election, but I don’t think that term has stuck to Romney despite how he keeps score-boarding us on his wealth.
  • Newt Gingrich started off as a Lutheran, then a Baptist, and now he’s Catholic.  I wonder what’s next.
  • Franklin Graham apologizes for questioning Obama’s faith 
  • I wish Pei Wei offered plain ol’ regular tea.
  • The king of spades in a deck of cards is actually based off of King David of the Bible.
  • There are television shows about digging and storage facilities.  It’s an interesting society we live in.
  • I’m pursuing purchasing an ultrabook, my laptop is hot and heavy.  I was tempted to make a joke with how I ended that last sentence.
  • A nice interactive view of Fenway Park
  • NPR is setting new standards
  • I’m tempted to try a gluten-free diet, just because.
  • As a kid, I use to collect football and baseball cards and couldn’t wait for the latest Beckett price guide to arrive so I could check the current values of my collection.  It turns out that Beckett was created by James Beckett, who actually lives in the area, and I hear is a member of Park Cities Presbyterian.  He’s married to the former Diane Burgdorf, who is the ex-wife of one of Margaret Thatcher’s sons, and I have no idea why I decided to let you know this.
  • CBS is creating a new modern day Sherlock Holmes show based in NYC, and their choice for Watson is Lucy Liu?
  • In case you ever wanted to turn your phone into a laser-tag weapon
  • DOGTV is the first network just for dogs (and their owners)
  • Benjamin Franklin once wrote an essay called Fart Proudly.
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  1. sister says:

    I have "Fart Proudly"… haha, sounds funny. I think I texted you a picture of the book cover 4 years ago 🙂

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