Till Death Do Us Part

A devoted Iowa couple married for 72 years died holding hands in the hospital last week, exactly one hour apart.

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After a car crash it was evident they weren’t going to survive so were were moved to a room together where they could lay next to one another and hold hands, and then . . .

Gordon Yeager died at 3:38 p.m. He was no longer breathing, but the family was surprised by what his monitor showed.

“Someone in there said, ‘Why, then, when we look at the monitor is the heart still beating?'” Sheets recalled. “The nurse said Dad was picking up Mom’s heartbeat through Mom’s hand.”

“And we thought, ‘Oh my gosh, Mom’s heart is beating through him,'” Dennis Yeager said.

Norma Yeager died exactly an hour later.

I know what you are thinking, the poor guy just couldn’t even get an hour away from her.


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