Bag of Randomness

  • St Louis is invading Arlington this weekend.  The St Louis Rams play the Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium Sunday at 3:15 PM and the St Louis Cardinals play the Rangers across the street at 7:05 PM.  There’s going to be lots of traffic in that area, but I hear the upgrade in streets and the area is so well designed that it really isn’t that bad.
  • I guess it would be pretty cool to watch the Cowboys play and then walk across the parking lot to see the Rangers play.
  • All honorary first pitch assignments are normally selected by the home team, but during the World Series that honor first has to be approved by MLB.  It’s rumored that reigning NBA Finals MVP Dirk was selected by the Rangers for the honor, but MLB said no.  Edit: There appears to be a change of heart.
  • I find it interesting that when I was in Chicago, I saw both teams that ended playing in this year World Series, and both of them were the visiting team.
  • In case you ever wondered how the Cardinals and Rangers got their names.
  • I’m not worried that the Rangers didn’t last night.  But I will be if they lose tonight.  And besides, Nolan said we would get this done in six.
  • Nolan Ryan never won a Cy Young award.
  • Does Jennifer Lopez really drive a Fiat?
  • If I order fries and some how an onion ring slips in there, I consider that a good day.  But if I order onion rings and get a fry or two, I just consider myself lucky.
  • As much as Romney/Perry/Cain/Etc are tearing into each other, can you imagine the scene if Palin was part of the debates?
  • Harrison Ford playing Playstation 3
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