Presidential Aging

CNN had an article on how much presidents age while in office.  Well, of course everyone ages at the same rate, but their point is how much they show the effects of aging while in office.

Of all the pictures, this one of Jimmy Carter stood out.  Not so much because of how much he appeared to age, but because his hair is parted in the opposite direction.  I don’t know of any men who decides to change their part.

That article also made me look up the meaning of the word pompadour.  I’m determined to use this word in conversation this week.  I challenge you to do the same.

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4 Responses to Presidential Aging

  1. kirkgarner says:

    You've never heard of hair part theory?

    I recently changed my part from right to left based on the information contained in that link. Also,

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  3. Mircea says:

    Begun, the great ietnrnet education has.

  4. Marcia C says:

    A Radiolab podcast deals with this subject. It includes an interview with a college student who wrote a letter to Carter suggesting he change his hair part. A few weeks later he did. There is no proof that his letter influenced Carter, but it is interesting. Here is a link to the pocast:

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