How Much Spending Was Cut With The New Debt Bill

ABC World News with Diane Sawyer had an interesting chart on last night’s broadcast about the national debt.

Here’s what was projected before the ‘compromise.’

And here are the projected savings after the ‘compromise.’  The black shows how much is going to be cut.

Here’s the segment if you are interested.

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3 Responses to How Much Spending Was Cut With The New Debt Bill

  1. sic transit gloria mundi

  2. Gosfield says:

    Saw this on The Daily Show and had to share it on FB. I'm of the opinion, pay down our debt by raising taxes on the wealthy.

    • Travis says:

      That's been tried before and it doesn't actually bring any more money in. Apparently majorly of the rich are smart with their money and can move it around even if it means leaving the country or moving the actually money in 'safe havenings' or they just stop working as hard (or go into early retirement) so they don't make as huge salaries because they can't keep that extra money they would of made.

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