The History Chef

This books seems interesting for food and history lovers.

Did you know that Adolph Hitler was a vegetarian and his longtime private chef was Jewish? What dish played an integral role in Marilyn Monroe’s unsuccessful bid to woo back Bobby Kennedy? Part historical narrative and part grilling guide cookbook, Andrew Caldwell’s Their Last Suppers: Legends of History and Their Final Meals guides history buffs and gourmands alike through gastronomically inspired biographical accounts of more than 20 legendary personalities.

Unearthing recipes as far back as 323 B.C., Caldwell, The History ChefTM , provides insight into 2,000 years of culinary lore. Each historical figure’s profile includes a brief description of pursuits and accomplishments as well as little-known anecdotes, popular foods of his or her time period, recipes for the figure’s actual last meal, and cooking tips.

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