Mexican Immigrant Tells Radio Station His Son Helped Kill Bin Laden

A story circulating in the Mexican press says one of the Navy SEALs who went on the mission to assassinate Osama bin Laden earlier this week is the American-born son of Mexican immigrants. According to Mexican news service Notimex, Martín Mejía, the father of Navy SEAL Ruben Mejia spoke with Los Angeles radio station 97.9 La Raza recently claiming that they were notified of their son’s involvement in the mission when a dozen soldiers arrived at their home carrying a folded flag. The senior Mejia said that upon seeing the flag, he and his wife began crying, thinking the worst, but were quickly notified that the soldiers were there to bring good news–their son had “fulfilled a great mission for our nation.”

Mejía went on to say that he has since spoken to his son who allegedly told him he was promoted to sergeant for completing the operation in which his team engaged and killed bin Laden. Mejia also noted that his son said his team disabled a helicopter, suffered a few bruises, and received praise from President Barack Obama who wanted to meet with the team as soon as possible. Mejía’s son also said he saw Bin Laden’s body when it was carried out of the highly guarded mansion now under control of the military.

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In real news, the SEALs returned to the U.S.

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2 Responses to Mexican Immigrant Tells Radio Station His Son Helped Kill Bin Laden

  1. Stefanie says:

    THANK YOU!!! I'm all for Immigrant Reform but the hatred spewed constantly towards Mexican's and, as of late, "anchor" babies is saddening. When did America become such a hateful place and so grossly misinformed on so many topics about immigrants? 10 years ago, I had to explain to Antonio (then boyfriend, now husband) that he shouldn't take lightly the decision to move to the U.S. I told him it's a great country of opportunity but, with that, comes a level of hate and discrimination that isn't a part of the Mexican community. He didn't quite get it back then. Now, he knows exactly what I was talking about. I'm still a proud American but sometimes I think we have plenty of "Bin Laden"-type fanatics in our ranks, too. And, they are too full of hatred to see the similarities.

  2. Jason says:

    Anyone who knows anything about the military and how it operates, would certainly understand that Martin Mejia is telling a genuine lie. First off, flags are presented upon death or retirement, and secondly if something of this magnitude actually happened, the parents would not have been debriefed at their doorstep, especially when it was a classified mission and they didn't have a legitimate need-to-know of what took place. Furthermore, the navy does not have sergeants; they have petty officers. I wonder if this guy also pulled out the miraculous slice of "virgin Mary" toast when he was speaking to the reporters. What an ass.

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