Justin Bieber’s New Jesus Tattoo Is a Powerful Symbol, Says Pastor

Justin Bieber was recently spotted with a tattoo of Jesus’ name in Hebrew under his arm. But can the 17-year-old and proud Christian star get a tattoo? Does that go against Bieber’s faith? What about Leviticus 19:28 or 1 Corinthians 6:19-20?

One pastor thinks Bieber’s tattoo is not only OK but also a powerful way of telling the world “I follow Jesus.”

During Bieber’s recent vacation with girlfriend Selena Gomez in Hawaii, pictures of the young couple surfaced on the Web, revealing Bieber’s newest tattoo of a Hebrew inscription reading “Yeshua,” which means Jesus, vertically inked on the upper portion of his left ribcage.

With the young pop sensation being a professing Christian, his tattoos have reignited the debate over whether inking one’s body goes against Scripture. Pastor Kyle Steven Bonenberger from City Church in Anaheim Calif., doesn’t see a problem with it.

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