Impressive Homemade Levee

Here are some more.

I wonder if the cost of building the levee is more than the worth of the house?

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3 Responses to Impressive Homemade Levee

  1. b_caesar says:

    If it means coming home to a dry house, I think it's worth it. Plus the added bonus of a really cool berm to do some awesome motocross jumps, too! Clearly there was a lot more effort here than for this one, with the predictable result:

  2. David Bryant says:

    If you are a farmer you typically have plenty of land and equipment. And, if your fields are going to get flooded anyway you also have plenty of time. So, it probably just cost him the diesel and equipment wear and tear…

  3. sherri says:

    last weekend we were watching the news and they were speaking of all the things folks were doing in an effort to protect their homes… we saw a guy with a backhoe digging up his crops and using the dirt to build a levee… i bet this is the same guy! as we watched the news last week we were all amazed at his innovation and fortitude… nice to see that it paid off

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