Bag of Randomness


  • The Mavs and Heat meet again.  Who’s happiest about this match up?  American Airlines, sine the Mavs play at the American Airlines Center and the Heat plays at the AmericanAirlines Arena.  And yes, for some strange reason, that’s the correct spelling (spacing wise) for the Miami venue.
  • The coach for the Heat is hard to take seriously since it looks like he should be coaching junior high girls basketball.
  • I got my haircut by a really cute girl yesterday that just moved to the area from Utah ten months ago.  She told me she’s not use to these thunderstorms and tornado warnings and was so scared by the news coverage earlier this week that she left her upstairs apartment and knocked on the downstairs apartment of a guy she’s only seen in passing asking if she could stay at his place until the storm was over.  Surprisingly, the guy said he was uncomfortable with the very pretty girl upstairs wanting to come over and hang out for a while.
  • Sometimes I’m really amazed at how well works, no wonder newspapers are losing money.  I think back in the day the classifieds was their number one source of revenue.
  • I hope I find some time to read this weekend.
  • Pawn Stars and Storage Wars have grown on me.
  • U2 just might be shooting a new documentary.
  • Many theaters misuse 3-D lenses to show 2-D films, squandering brightness, color
  • Amy Poehler’s senior class photo
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