Bag of Randomness

  • After work we all took a trip to Frisco to check out the new In-N-Out.  The wait in line (which stretched out the front door) to order was about 8 minutes, and we waited about the same amount of time for our food.  Overall, not bad; but the drive-thru was crazy backed up.  They had some sort of system set up where several lot of cars were parked where they waited until directed to actually approach the line to the drive-thru.
  • An 18-wheeler trailer with the In-N-Out logo was parked outside.  I wonder how many times a day that trailer is replaced by another?
  • I was surprised at just how friendly, calm, and organized the staff and service was.  I talked to one employee who must really like working for the place because he moved down from San Diego.
  • I’ve eaten at In-N-Out twice before in California and thought it was a darn good burger and really noticed the the quality of the fresh cut fries, and I want to say it’s been about four years since I’ve eaten one.  Verdict?  Good burger, just not a great burger.  Many Texans will think it won’t live up to the hype, and the hype has been crazy around here.
  • I think the two best fast-food burger and fries places in the area are 5 Guys and Braums.  I guess you can also count What-A-Burger.  Best burger in DFW . . . hands down, Motor and Maple.  They just need to work on their fries.
  • The main topic of Modern Family last night was a middle school graduation complete with a valedictorian speech.  Do those things really exist, middle school graduation with cap and gown with class rankings?  Is that really an accomplishment?  Heck, I know many will disagree, but I don’t think celebrating a high school graduation is anything special because completing high school should just be an expectation that anyone can accomplish.
  • For you fellow House fans, here’s some major news that will drastically affect next season.
  • I wonder when a woman finds out her husband is cheating, would she rather the woman in question be better or worst looking.
  • Remember when there was a push to amend the U.S. Constitution to allow U.S. citizens not born as a naturalized citizen the ability to run for president when Schwarzenegger was on a hot streak?
  • It’s good to know that the Center for Disease Control has addressed the impending zombie apocalypse.
  • What happens when you submit for a job online.
  • A breakdown on Native Texans and Tarrant Country.
  • The Tower of Babel made with 30,000 books from all sorts of different languages
  • Secret Service Twitter feed posts tweet slamming Fox news
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