Bag of Randomness

  • In this picture, I think BabyGeeding is trying to honk a boob.
  • I tried to get a picture of her with just the cheerleaders, but she just started to cry the moment her mom let go of her, which is quite common.  BabyGeeding is very, very attached to her mama.
  • My daughter will probably never believe that my first car came with two separate keys, one for the ignition and one for the door and truck.
  • Matthew McConaughey went swimming in Georgetown where WifeGeeding’s brother offered both McConaughey and his son a day old donut.  Matthew didn’t oblige, but Levi sure did.
  • A couple members of my church scheduled a time to meet with me on Sunday.  I’ve been asked to become a deacon of the church.  That sounds like an old person’s position, doesn’t it?  I haven’t gotten back with them with an answer, but more than likely I’ll accept the honor to be on a three year rotation.  It really is humbling to be asked to be part of such a thing, especially since I haven’t been a member of the church for even a year.  But I was told I survived four rounds of a selection process and was nominated by several folks.  It’s really hard for a guy like me, with big self esteem issues, to understand that people would even think of me in such a regard.
  • Yes, in one post I talked about becoming a deacon in my church and posted pictures of cheerleaders and mentioned the word “boob.”
  • Ten years ago if someone told me that Memphis and Oklahoma City would have NBA teams playing in a game seven in the playoffs I would have called that person nuts.
  • Secretary of Defense Robert Gates was interviewed on “60 Minutes” yesterday.  He’s been Secretary of Defense longer than WWII.  I don’t know if those Aggies knew what kind of gem they had when he was their president.
  • For you “Survivor” watchers out there, did you notice they didn’t do that silly walk down memory lane?  I think this is the first time it wasn’t done, thankfully.
  • I think it’s funny during the final vote in “Survivor” how the jury will address the possible winners and go on this whole ethical speech when they know they would pull just as many unethical (and probably even more) to be in their positions.  Heck, they all know what they are getting into when they sent in that audition tape.
  • Matt will return to another season of “Survivor.”
  • I don’t like calling “Survivor” a game, I prefer calling it a contest.
  • Michele Bachmann Challenged To Debate A High School Sophomore
  • No More Good Eats: Alton Brown Ends Show – Hey, it’s been 12 years.
  • I can’t decide what’s funnier, the guy’s face or the ‘helmet’.
  • A Segway golf cart seems like a good idea.
  • A man and a bunch of loyal friends build a moat and a ten foot wall to save his house from flooding.
  • Edible Play Doh
  • Is Vladimir Putin the reincarnation of Paul the Apostle?
  • Remember baseball player Bobby Bonilla who hasn’t picked up a bat in over a decade?  Now he’s really set for life.  $1.2 million annually for 25 years
  • Chilean miner wants president to return his ‘we’re OK’ note
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