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  • Trump sure has been quiet as of late.
  • I’m waiting for Bristol Palin to go rouge.
  • Steve Jobs was employee number 40 at Atari
  • What It’s Like When Steve Jobs Chews You Out For A Product Failure
  • The median monthly mortgage in Westlake, TX is just a tad over $4000.
  • Barry’s blog only seems to display text in a bold font nowadays.
  • For some reason Bobby Jindal released his long form birth certificate on Friday.  He may not be running in the next presidential election, but I think this means he wants to make himself available to be a VP.
  • Who Had the Best Civil War Facial Hair?
  • The pope takes a gondola ride – That’s a fancy looking gondola.
  • Samoa is going to lose an entire day because they are going to switch timezones.
  • People and their fridges
  • Excess property the government is trying to sell.
  • In the latest MMQB, Peter King mentions that veteran San Francisco Chronicle football beat writer David White wrote his final column as he’s leaving the profession to become a pastor.  Like King, I found he made some good points about Christianity and sports.

    Here’s one last discourse on the local state of Christianity in sports, and why no one is really buying it:
    Thou shalt not wear a cross around your neck if you’re going to verbally wring the neck of third-string quarterbacks and local sports anchors in full public view. The Scripture says to take up your cross, not nail everyone else to one. Represent or tuck it in.  

    When thou tear an ACL, don’t say it’s because God lets everything happen for a reason. There is a reason. A 320-pound defensive tackle landed on the back of your knee.

    Thou shalt not thank God when only you win, and never when you lose. What, is it his fault that 4th-and-inches call was a few yards off? Did he fumble away the game-winning interception? The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away.

    Thou shalt absolutely not say your team won because it was God’s plan. What does the Lord have against the other team? And why should God even care in a world of suffering how our games play out? Maybe you think He doubled down on your end of the Vegas line? He didn’t.

    Do we want the world to believe our message of hope? Then stop making people want to kill the messenger.

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