Bag of Randomness

  • Ten years ago if someone told you the Mavs would make the NBA finals twice and the Rangers would make a World Series appearance but the Dallas Cowboys would only have 1 playoff victory, would you have believed them?  Unless your name is Mark Cuban, the answer would be no.
  • It’s amazing just how much the Mavericks’ roster has changed since 2006.  Not only do they have a different coach, but only Dirk and JET remain from that squad.
  • Just think, a month or so ago the talk around the area was how to blow up the Mavs and start over.
  • So the Mavs and Rangers have reached their championship games.  Stars and Cowboys, you’re on deck.
  • I fear the Heat.
  • I was pretty impressed with how the Mavs handled themselves at the end of the game, it showed a lot of maturity.  I didn’t see a lot of celebrating, heck, I didn’t see a how lot of smiles.  It’s like they know the season isn’t over and their job isn’t finished.  After the trophy presentation they left the court so quickly that the ESPN sideline reporter stated she was all alone.
  • Rick Carlisle, Dirk, Terry, Kidd – all have been to the Finals but have never won.  I think they’re hungry and focused.
  • RefrigeratorGeeding took a turn for the worst the other night.  The freezer side still froze, but the regfrigerator side no longer refrigerated.  The repairman had to order a part and we had to defrost both sides of the unit, so most of our food is now gone.  Repairs will be over $300 and I’m not looking forward to the next grocery bill.  But to be honest, it was a bit liberating totally cleaning the unit out.
  • I have two female coworkers that come from California and Utah, and both (one more so than the other) take the severe weather warnings very seriously.  I’ve spent my whole life either around DFW or Abilene and have never once sought shelter.
  • For my Seinfeld obsessed friend ReverendBrent: A Complete Guide to Seinfeld’s Sneakers.
  • Mark Burnett, the man behind Survivor and The Apprentice is making a 10-hour docudrama about the Bible.
  • What all the symbols in a dollar bill represent
  • After a decade off the air, VH1 is bringing back Pop Up Videos.
  • Top 10 New Species – 2011
  • This amazing picture has not been doctored in any way.
  • When Atheists Sing – There’s a U2 tie-in to that post.
  • Barack Obama’s signature looks like a tyrannosaurus playing with a ball of yarn
  • 17 Lost Pyramids Found In Satellite Survey of Egypt – By whom?  The University of Alabama.
  • LeAnn Rimes is crazy thin
  • Bono and the Edge played American Idol last night.
  • Grace
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