Creative Chaplains

Sitting on a toilet isn’t a place one would normally expect to think about God. But the two-man chaplain team at Spin Boldak wants Soldiers to do just that.

Appleton, Wis., native Chaplain (Capt.) Jason Hohnberger of 1st Squadron, 38th Cavalry Regiment, and his assistant, Sgt. David A. Cavazos, a Victoria, Texas native are using new and creative ways to reach out to Soldiers.

Holy Crap: Chaplain’s Thought of the Week, where Bible verses and inspirational messages are posted on the doors of bathroom stalls, is just one of the many creative programs run by this holy team.

To get the word out about what they offer, Hohnberger and Cavazos use a fun and effective advertising campaign. Folded paper “table tents” with humorous quotes like “Chuck Norris’ beard wants you to go to the chapel” are placed on tables at the dining facility. Flyers featuring Hohnberger’s head on a muscular body advertise an “insane workout with the chaplain.” The campaign’s intent is to make the chaplain and his serves more approachable and less intimidating.

“The hard part about this job is we don’t deal in real tangible results,” said Hohnberger. “We see growth in various areas, we see increased attendance in holy smokes, we see growth in Bible services, I hope the campaign helps, but I hope making fun of me demonstrates that I am approachable.”

Another program offered is “Holy Smokes” in which the chaplain conducts a Bible study by fireside next to a smokers’ hut. Free cigars are offered, though anyone may attend, not just smokers.

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2 Responses to Creative Chaplains

  1. kev says:

    Really great- only problem: what about when a Muslim chaplain wants to do same with quotes from Kuran, a Buddhist with 'all about Buddha' quotes, a Wiccan…? Lots more people would feel it a total beat down when the ONE place on post you feel ENTITLED to a little me time and then this nonsense? This is wronger than wrong.

  2. Sarah says:


    It is voluntary attendance, right? It is for only those who want to go or hear.

    I understand the need for down time, and back here in the states, I can say I never have enough of that from the stress of the job, so maybe this is one way some get relief.


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