Bag of Randomness

  • A few of you asked for pictures of DogGeedingII, so there they are.  He’s still trying to adjust to his new surrounds, as we are trying to adjust to him.  As dark as he is, it’s hard to take a good picture of him.
  • We still don’t have a name for him . . . any suggestions?  Of course I refer to him on this blog as DogGeedingII but that will just be his alias . . . he needs a real name.
  • I’m not sure what news story is going to get old the fastest – Charlie Sheet or the price of gas.
  • I don’t follow the NBA like I use to, but from what I understand, Miami has three super stars on their team and they were thought to be unbeatable.  That reminds me of the Houston Rockets when they had Olajuwon, Pippen, and Barkley.
  • I’m going to a home and garden show this weekend.  That sounds like a very adult thing to do, that is, I’m showing my age.
  • The point of the video game Pac-Man was to attract girls
  • In case you are searching for the meaning of an abbreviation –
  • Flights get canceled in Buenos Aires and Cindi Lauper calms the crowd down by singing on the PA.
  • Limbaugh’s parent company still using actors to fake radio call-ins
  • In 1946 Disney made a cartoon about menstruation
  • Maybe the most radical people pray in front of the White House
  • There’s a new camera that will add makeup to your pictures.  That camera made me think of the Simpson’s episode where Homer invented a shotgun that applies makeup.
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