Cowboys Dumb, Steelers Smart

As a Cowboys fan, I could not wait for my team to get rid of Flozell Adams because he seemed to kill us with penalties, which in turn ruined any momentum the offense seemed to have.  But since he became a Steeler, he’s become a new man.  Look at his last three years with Dallas and his first as a Steeler.


The last three years as a Cowboy, Adams average 13 penalties but in his first year as a Steeler he only was penalized five times.  So what’s his secret?  A good coaching staff.

Adams has major hearing loss in his right ear, and when he was a Cowboy he played as a left tackle where his bad ear was closest to hearing the quarterback.  Instead of recognizing the problem and moving him to right tackle, the Cowboys just seemed to deal with the problem.  But Pittsburgh on the other hand placed him at right tackle where his good ear would be able to hear the quarterback, and you can see the dramatic results.  Granted, and my football friends can back this up, right and left tackles are more different than one would think considering how you want to protect a quarterback’s blindside and the Steelers were lucky to be in need of replacing their right tackle, but it’s just another example of how inept the Cowboys can be.

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