Bag of Randomness

  • I guess the NFL had no idea that the Super Bowl was going to be played on Hoth.
  • I hope no more then ten of my readers had to Google “Hoth.”
  • One of my first thoughts when it gets drastically cold is of the homeless, the povern, and the stray animals.
  • I’ve never tried any of those 5-Hour Energy drinks and really don’t have a desire to.
  • Media Day at the Super Bowl sure seemed like a let down this year.
  • But I did laugh at the Packer who answered the question, “What’s the state flower of Texas?” with “Cauliflower0.”
  • Some locals were upset that the team buses were lead to Media Day by sandtrucks and were wanting the North Texas Super Bowl Committee or whatever they are called to reimburse the cost.  I found that silly considering they were sanding roads that needed sanded and the amount of money those teams were bringing to the area.
  • A decent amount of attention is being paid to Tom Landry for his NFL influence and indirectly being responsible for bringing the Super Bowl to North Texas, but I think late local native Lamar Hunt should be in the spotlight more considering he not only came up with the name “Super Bowl” but was a major player in joining the AFL and NFL.
  • Hunt was also responsible for the use of Roman numeral for the Super Bowls.  Because of him, I fell a bit more educated.
  • A former Baywatch beauty is going to climb Mt Ararat to hunt for Noah’s Ark.
  • It appears a U2 album will be out this May.
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Board Game
  • Posting pics online, especially with the camera in your phone might be more revealing than what you thought, heck, even Adam Savage fell for it.  (Thanks, Doug)
  • An interesting Star Wars picture regarding Cloud City and pizza.
  • Free MP3 music files at library
  • Recipes based on facial features
  • My name takes exception to this rule: I before E except after COf the 319 words in The Collaborative International Dictionary of English that contain a combination of cie or cei, 212 words (66%) are exceptions to the rule.
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