Bag of Randomness

  • You know, my doctor still hasn’t called to give me my numbers regarding my bloodwork taken during my physical on Friday.  I guess I could be proactive and get them myself, but the more I deny those numbers don’t exist, the healthier I ‘ll continue to fool myself.
  • Craigslist for those with a lisp – Craigslips
  • OtherDogGeeding is just super tolerant with BabyGeeding.  She’ll crawl towards him and instead of petting him, will just grab a chunk of his fur and pull and yank while he just kind of sits there and takes it with an awkward look on his face as if to say, “The things I do for love and food around here.”  However, the other day she was laying on her back with OtherDogGeeding standing next to her and I noticed that OtherDogGeeding had a really, really awkward look on his face.  Upon closer examination, BabyGeeding didn’t have a chuck of his fur but had his penis firmly clasp in her fist.  Poor dog, he was just taking it.  I never thought I would utter the words to my daughter “Hey, let go of his penis.”  There’s a first for everything I guess.
  • OtherDogGeeding has always slept in bed with us, but two nights this week he’s snuck off and have slept upstairs next to BabyGeeding’s crib.  I’m not sure if he’s feeling protective or if it has something to do with missing DogGeeding who died at the first of the year.
  • Damn, I miss that dog.
  • Some headlines, especially those with ALL CAPS will get your attention: SOME DEPICTIONS OF JESUS MAY HAVE ALIENATED MEN AND SHOULD BE REPLACED WITH MANLY ONES.  So now I can’t decide which image of Jesus is the manliest.  Tattoo Jesus, Rifle Jesus, or Boxing Jesus.  I’m going with Boxing Jesus, but I’m sure my friend Scooter would choose Rifle Jesus.
  • I think my ultimate U2 concert set for an arena would include the stage from the Elevation tour and the lights from the Vertigo tour.
  • Ian McKellen’s shirt cracked me up.
  • Busted myth? Study: Post-grad degrees don’t lead to atheism
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