Bag of Randomness

  • My illness came back and I went back to the doctor, I’m on a different family of antibiotics.
  • More crazy icy weather is on it’s way and it should close school districts again.
  • It’s like deja vu all over again.
  • I keep thinking about Roger Staubach and his presentation of the Lombardi Trophy and his uncharacteristically grumpy mood.  It makes me wonder if he has an icy relationship with Terry Bradshaw, or maybe it was just ready to get this week over with.
  • In a weird sort of way I really enjoyed listening to our local media tear up the Super Bowl debacle.
  • I mentioned that I don’t really read Bill Simmons anymore, but I decided to check both his articles and podcasts out since I wanted to know his thoughts about this Super Bowl.  At first he was very critical of both the area and how things were going, but after the game, he thinks North Texas deserves to be in the Super Bowl rotation.
  • U2 has another fan club CD coming out that is going to include performances over the past three decades with Mick Jagger, Willie Nelson,  Jay-Z, and many others.  Details here.
  • I’ve read in several places that Bristol Palin is coming out with some sort of memoir.
  • I’m surprised that neither Palin posed with their child like Christina Aguilera.
  • I heard a little bit of that Bill O’Reilly interview with Obama.  I haven’t really watch O’Reilly do many interviews, but at first glace it appears he likes to finish the interviewee’s sentences, sum up what he thinks they are trying to without any clarification, and then move on to another topic.
  • Organic Town Baby Food Diaper Art
  • The Mayor Pro Tem of Dallas presented Michael Vick with an unofficial key to the city.  That’s just silly, it should have been Tashard Choice presenting it.
  • Birds trying to fly in zero-gravity
  • Top Ten Most Requested Cover Songs of 2010
  • Impressive Google Office Photos
  • Maybe You’re Right
  • More Baker Hotel news . . . a movie about that building from my hometown will be playing in the Texas Theater later this month.  Yup, that’s the same place that Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested in.
  • Grace
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