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  • Thank goodness the Super Bowl is over because I’m tired of the national media beating up North Texas.  It’s one of the those brother kind of things, where family can say whatever they want, but when someone else does it, that’s a problem.
  • It almost seemed whatever Jerry wanted to accomplish he just couldn’t this year.  The Cowboys stunk.  The weather unusually stunk for a very long time.  Temporary stands were deemed unsafe, ticket holders were turned away, and no attendance record.  And worst of all, the camera only panned on Jerry once I think.
  • I love North Texas.  It’s home.  It’s not a great place to visit, there’s not a lot of touristy things to do here (other than the JFK spot and a few Fort Worth cowboy things), but it is a great place to live.
  • Speaking of the JFK spot, last week I drove past it and some guy had a huge yellow banner with red letters stuck in the ground that read “GRASSY KNOLL.”
  • What Fox Sports should have done was have a tiny screen inserted on the telecast that did nothing but film Brett Favre during the whole Super Bowl, and if you wanted to hear the audio, it would only cost $10.
  • I root against the Steelers because I’m jealous of their organization since it’s everything I wish my team was.  I was impressed with the Tomlin interview after the game, classy guy, classy organization.
  • When it comes to national/world events, Twitter makes the world into one gigantic living room.
  • I didn’t feel like this Super Bowl had that electric atmosphere most Super Bowls do.
  • Cowboys Stadium didn’t look as dressed up as most Super Bowl stadiums do, and I was highly disappointed with how the field looked.  First off, I don’t think all the turf matched, seriously, the areas around the NFL logo looked different than the areas between the shield and the endzone.  And did you notice the Super Bowl logos on the field?  They looked like they were painted on with water colors?  They were almost transparent.
  • I think I’ve withheld comment on this for a while, but I really don’t like the new NFL logo that’s been around for about three years.  I don’t mind only four stars, but that new football looks as budget as the new conference championship trophies.  Here they are side by side.
  • Flozell Adams didn’t have a particularly good game, I guess he was a little too close to home.
  • My biggest LOL on a commercial may have been the with Faith Hill.
  • I really enjoyed the half-time performance last night despite the audio problems, and yes there were audio problems, they do sound better than that normally.  For them and Usher to come out from the Jerrytron meant they had to be in that thing way before kickoff.  From what I learned in a documentary about the stadium, the only way to get in that thing is an elevator that lowers to the field.  Normally a few employees board that thing an hour or so before kickoff and stay up there the entirety of the game.  But then again, maybe there is a new way to get up there.
  • Usher and Slash were a nice surprise.
  • I also like how they didn’t bring in a fake crowd on the field to scream and jump around an all, very much preferred those lighted suites and the choreography.
  • Will.I.Am tried to tweet during the halftime performance but could not get reception from AT&T.  Heck, the AT&T reception was a common complaint from those at the Super Bowl but the other carriers seemed to hold up.
  • The TV delay was a bit interesting as I was reading a few tweets about a particular play before it actually happened, and my DVR was caught up in real time.
  • Jerry lost the attendance record, even with people outside included in the out, byt 766.  It would have been funnier if he missed it by 666.
  • I tried to listen to the Ticket’s halftime show but it was horrible.
  • I heard so many commercials on the radio for that I logged on and created an account and made a bet regarding the national anthem.  I bet the over and won.  Now I’m trying to figure out how to spend my retirement years.
  • A Lombardi play is on Broadway.  A Lombardi special aired on HBO.  The Packers bring the Lombardi Trophy back home to Green Bay.  It’s all kind of storybook, isn’t it?
  • Thank God Roger Staubach didn’t have to present that trophy to the Steelers who beat his team in two Super Bowls.  And if you thought the half time show had audio problems, there was some major audio problems when Staubach arrived on stage with the trophy and tried to clear up the presentation procedures with Bradshaw . . . the QB that beat him in two Super Bowls.  It would have been funny if Staubach had something snide to say to him, but the man is
  • Doritos had one of the worst Super Bowl commercials of all time.
  • Coke did a great job with commercials this year.
  • I like Eminem supporting his home town in commercials.
  • Even though I’m tired of all the remakes of the Mean Joe Green commercials the House version was pretty good.
  • I loved the NFL fan commercial with all the classic sitcom characters dressed in NFL fan gear . . . but hated that fact that Newman was a Cowboys fan . . . but I guess that made it even funnier.
  • I know the weather put a damper on travel and a lot of the events in the area, but I feel like I missed a lot of opportunities not being a part of any events.
  • So great Ed Sabol got induced into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but what does Charles Haley have to do . . . win a sixth Super Bowl?  There’s also a plethora of receivers that aren’t getting in.  The league has become a passing league, and it’s time to reward their efforts.
  • I’m really looking forward to Shannon Sharpe’s speech next year.
  • I think I want to go to Canton for spring break.  The crowds should be thin, and I can take my time soaking in everything.
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