Bag of Randomness

  • I was really wanting to attend the Peter King tweetup in Uptown Dallas but after looking at the traffic map above, I decided not to hit the roads.
  • Speaking of Peter King, he’s stated he’s a fan of Bob’s Steak and Chop House.
  • I did drive to pick up breakfast at a nearby place and notice that the new tax preparation place had two people on the side of the road dressed as Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty in single digit temperature weather.
  • Is there ever problems with icicles falling from skyscrapers and killing people?
  • Saturday is going to be the first non-freezing day and the roads should be very safe – all that to say that people are going to find a cure for their cabin fever and get out.
  • This wrestling move was all over the Internet and it’s pretty darn funny.  It definitely proves wrestling is not fake.
  • I had a dream that Aaron Rodgers got a concussion in the Super Bowl.
  • Charles Manson was caught with a cellphone.
  • I’ve heard some talk in the Baptist community about George W. Bush mentioning in his memoir how Billy Graham mentioned there are numerous ways to heaven or salvation or that some people are just born Christian.  The Dallas Morning News Religion Blog tries to clarify the situation.
  • I consistently confuse Marisa Miller and Brooklyn Decker.
  • Major Language Warning – This fight took a very surprising (geeky) turn.
  • Colbert and a philosophy professor discuss Jesus in this interview, quite interesting.
  • Bugs Bunny and Nolan Ryan
  • You know, there’s a Broadway play about Vince Lombardi playing right now.  It would be neat if Mike McCarthy had the actor (Dan Lauria, the Wonder Years father) talk to the team in character.
  • But then again, that could be cheesy.
  • Super Bowl prediction – Steelers 3 Packers 8754
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