Those Hyundai Singers

I’m tired of Christmas commercials like all get out, but I do appreciate the singing that goes on in this Hyundai commercial.

It turns out this group is named Pomplamoose and they have a YouTube channel with plenty of songs.  Here are some covers they have made with their own unique twist:

Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) – Beyonce

Mister Sandman – The Chordettes

Telephone – Lady Gaga

I really like the Sonatas and know Hyundais have come a long way since those not so great cars they made when I was a kid and a teen, but it’s hard for me to shake that mindset I have for them.

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2 Responses to Those Hyundai Singers

  1. Anonymoose says:

    These guys are great. I have been following them for a while. It is absolutely amazing how they are able to mesh all the music together to make it sound as if they were a multitude of musicians

  2. dan says:

    Thanks. I was curious whether they were professional singers or just some ad company creation. As ads go it's a good commercial; it wears on you but that because it's on so often. Lately, I've seen the American Airlines "Win-Win" ad and the Sam Elliott-narated Dodge Ram pick-up ad so many times I CAN NOT mute them fast enough.

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