I was once guilty of this

We all change our minds sometimes. Especially in supermarkets. Bud do you ever wonder what makes someone dump a bag of popcorn in with the diced beef? Or swap a six pack of Fanta for some bleach?

This site documents the mess left behind in supermarkets after someone’s change of heart, and offers an explanation of the thought process behind it.

http://someoneelsewillputitback.com (language warning)

I remember grocery shopping with one of my closest college friends (the namesake of BabyGeeding) who use to be a stocker in a grocery store.  I decided I didn’t want a particular item and instead of walking back and returning the item from where I obtained it, I simply just placed it on the nearest shelf.  That good friend playfully scolded me telling me that people like me make his job harder, and since that day, I always put things back where I found them if I’m not going to purchase the item.  There’s no reason for me to make a person’s job harder than what it already is because of my laziness, much less one that is probably making minimum wage.

Another college friend who use to work in a movie theater did something similar when I left my movie seat and left my drink at my seat.  I would continue to take my trash with me after watching a movie, but I don’t go to the theater anymore.

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2 Responses to I was once guilty of this

  1. Brent says:

    I will sometimes "help" resort the movies at Blockbuster when I find people have put titles back in the wrong place. Sometimes, they'll just drop them on the floor! Drives me crazy when people do that. I will only do this in the New Release section though; I draw the line at trying to weed through the older Comedy/Drama/Action sections. Maybe this results from my time working as assistant manager at Videoville in Abilene?

  2. Don says:

    I used to work in the Walmart grocery section so I have dealt with my fair share of this. On one hand I can say that, yes, it does make the stocker's job more difficult but it a store the size of Walmart I can see why someone would just set the item down rather than walking back to the shelf. What doesn't make sense to me however is when people set down frozen or refrigerated foods on regular shelves. That's a whole different situation because surely they know that the steaks they no longer want are going to go bad sitting next to the Wheaties. It's just common sense to at least put it someplace cold but for some reason people just don't seem to care. What they don't seem to understand is that once they set it down on a regular shelf, it is now garbage. A stockboy can't just put it back in the refrigerated section after it's been sitting out. That steak has to be kept at a certain temperature by law. So the steak is wasted and the price goes up for everyone to pay the difference.

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