Bag of Randomness

  • In the mail yesterday arrived, just in time for Baylor’s first bowl game since 1994, a baby Baylor sweater that’s been a part of WifeGeeding’s family for quite some time.  WifeGeeding’s aunt was kind enough to send it, and it’s so fancy it has a Neiman Marcus label.  Unfortunately it didn’t bring the Ken Starr Baylor Bears any luck as they came up short to Illinois 38-14.  But hey, it’s something to build on and there’s always next year.
  • I’m a Sprint customer and they surprised me with an offer of a $70 credit if I renewed my two year contract early.  They said it was for being a good customer, but I have a feeling they know a competitor might lure away customers with an upcoming product launch, and my guess that competitor is Verizon and the product is their version of the iPhone.
  • I was reading Annette Strauss’s Wikipedia entry and came across this sentence: She was the second female mayor and the second Jewish mayor of Dallas (Adlene Harrison was first; Laura Miller was the third).  How is one suppose to know when the term “Jewish” is used that it’s in reference to the person’s faith or heritage.
  • I’m a fan of Gov Bill Richardson and I’m curious to see what he does after his term winds down next month.  I bet he’ll end up being the next Secretary of State.
  • But his hair doesn’t even come in close to being as cool our our governor.
  • I’m a little late with this thought concerning the rescheduling of the Vikings/Eagles game that was moved from Sunday to Tuesday because of the blizzard.  I love watching football played in the snow and all other adverse weather conditions, but when city officials urge residents to stay indoors I don’t think the NFL had any choice but to support the city in a decision made about public safety.
  • It’s going to be hard to judge the next coach of the Cowboys with next year’s somewhat cushy schedule.
  • I’m no longer sold on Jason Garrett.  I’ve questioned his play calling in the past and not too convinced as his role as a leader with how he walked off the field after the last game against the Eagles and how he handled Marion Barber’s celebration penalty.  Heck, I wish he would be harder on the kicker.  I’m still convinced that the only coach for the Cowboys is Gruden.
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