Bag of Randomness

  • Each year I really enjoy watching the Kennedy Center Honors and feel I always leave more cultured than before.  I can’t imagine the emotion an honoree must feel as they watch peers and other greats honor their work in a live performance.  As a kid, I couldn’t appreciate what I was seeing because those being honored didn’t have a impact on my life, but as an adult, it can pack an emotional wallop.
  • I’ve looked and looked but I can’t find anything that tells me the meaning or inspiration behind the medallions on the honorees necks.
  • While watching the tribute to Merl Haggard I decided to read upon his past and wasn’t aware he is a liberal leaning kinda person.
  • Caroline sure was showing her age last night.
  • One of my long time readers is a college football reporter and keeps a website called, you can read more about him here.  His website has been nominated for BallHyped Sports Blog of the Year, and if you think his website is worthy enough of this honor, then please vote for him here.  And even if you don’t think he’s worthy of the title, please just vote for him since he’s part of the BoN family.
  • The NY Times has a great article on how Walt Disney World tackles the problems of long lines using an underground nerve center under Cinderella Castle that includes video cameras, computer programs, digital park maps, and all sorts of countermeasures.  I thought the timing of the article was interesting as Disneyland was so busy yesterday it actually sold out.
  • Tim Tebow can’t put a Bible verse on his eye black any more so he puts it on his wrist.
  • Those darn Muslims were at it again
  • It had to be a slow, slow news day yesterday on WFAA.  One of their lead stories was about a couple that found a bad wedding photographer and how they still don’t have their pictures.  Really?  That’s news in the fourth largest media market?  People get screwed over bad businesses all the time yet somehow this couple made the news?  Sheesh.
  • I have a feeling that new Paula Abdul show is doomed for failure.
  • Bad Science in Movies Chart
  • The largest home in Arizona just started construction – about 100,000 square feet under roof
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