Bag of Randomness

  • I often like to use the phrase “in the history of ever” but I don’t know what movie I got that line from.
  • Super Bowl tickets start at $2160 on Ticket Master
  • This Jabba snowman is most impressive, complete with green tint.
  • Great photo of the lunar eclipse
  • And maybe an even better one
  • Off hand I think I like NJ Gov. Chris Christie.
  • One headline that I read yesterday that actually made sense when I thought about it – Republicans Win the Census
  • There’s a local television news anchor with the name Doug Dunbar.  For some reason, that name makes me laugh, maybe it’s the literation, or maybe it’s me imagining one of the Native Americans in Dancing With Wolves saying his name.  Dunbar, not Dumb Bear.
  • China’s modern ghost town – it’s really a very nice looking city
  • I spend a good amount of time standing outside in the dark just staring at the sky as a very cool breeze came and it loved the solitude.
  • The father of a friend of mine died earlier this year and I decided to give that friend a call just to see how things were going since I know what it’s like to have that first Christmas with a father.  He seemed really appreciative of the call.
  • I would just like to encourage you to give an old friend a call before Christmas, just because, and to do it out of the blue, letting them know that you think of them often.
  • Larry David’s NY Times Op-Ed – Thanks for the Tax Cut!
  • The 30 Hottest Women in ESPN History – I stopped watching ESPN so long ago that I didn’t even know two-thirds of the ladies.
  • ‘Survivor’: Ranking the 20 Champs
  • Only 3 Doritos in his bag
  • A nice YouTube video of a guy dressing up as Santa and handing gifts to strangers
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