Bag of Randomness

Happiness is like peeing in your pants.
Everyone can see it, but only you can feel its warmth.

  • I’d like to know what the typical mall Santa in DFW makes in terms of income.
  • While driving out to east Texas I discovered that a part of I20 is named Ronald Reagan Memorial Highway.
  • A nice article on C.S. Lewis
  • Blockbuster seems like it’s pretty much done for because they refused to embrace the future Netflix was embarking, which is why I feel this article is all the more interesting.  Basically, Netflix approached Blockbuster about a partnership and Blockbuster basically laughed Netflix out of the office.
  • I’m a shaving snob, I admit that.  But over the weekend I think I found the sharpest razor blade to fit my safety razor and it gave me the closest shave I think I ever had.
  • I’ve been addicted to Groupon as of late and one of my more recent purchases was a haircut at The Boardroom.  My gosh, I never thought I would enjoy a haircut so much in my life.  When I entered, I noticed a pool table in the middle of a room full of dark wood surroundings.  I was offered a complimentary water, soda, or beer and then a woman with a thicker accent than the lady on Modern Family cut my hair.  After the hair cut I was lead to a dark room where my hands were dipped in a paraffin wax tub and then after a hair wash I got a facial and scalp massage and a hot towel treatment.  It all ended with a hand massage as the wax was removed from my hands.  It probably wasn’t the most manly of things, but dang it, being pampered is nice.
  • Maybe the ugliest and cutest dog you’ll ever see
  • I overheard a conversation recently about someone in an SBC Sunday school talking about how they were going over the George W. Bush memoir in class.
  • DeSean Jackson is one heck of a player but I think he’s more of a jerk than T.O.  I expected a lot of free and strong safeties with some dirty hits in the future.
  • Julianne Hough from Dancing with the Stars fame has a new country video that has been deemed too racy for CMT.  You can judge for yourself here.  I watched it (with the volume off, of course) and didn’t think anything of it.
  • More details on Fellowship Church’s 3-D Christmas
  • The Common Man’s Reference Bible – I may have to get this for BibleScholarGeorge
  • Man kills shark with one jump
  • When bad words started to become part of the English lexicon
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