Bag of Randomness

  • I mowed the lawn yesterday, not because the grass needed to be cut, but instead of raking leaves I’d rather mulch them up.
  • For the first time I mailed a package to my family in Vietnam, thankfully the postal service employee was Vietnamese and was already quite familiar with the process.
  • Actually, WifeGeeding made the trip to the post office for me.
  • I accidentally hit my rearview mirror yesterday and the thought occurred to me that I really like not having to adjust that thing everytime I get into it.  But it got me to thinking, I wonder how long will the rearview mirror be around in its current state.  Could it be upgraded to be like a rearview camera but instead show if it is clear to change lanes?
  • The company that makes Hot Tamales candy offered its sales team an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii if it met its annual goals, and a trip to Fargo if they fell short of those goals.  They’re in Fargo.
  • ESPN 3D is now active in DFW.  Since WifeGeeding has no depth peception we’ve never really been in the market for a 3D television.
  • I’ve never signed up for a MySpace or Facebook account, but I often wonder how Facebook was able to overtake MySpace.
  • Thanks to Sega you can pee and play a video game at the same time.
  • Congressional Prayer Team of Washington D.C. and Telephonic Prayer Team Join Forces to Hold the 112th Senate Accountable
  • A part of Sputnik IV landed in Wisconsin back in 1960
  • Getting paid for a six second movie review
  • Grace
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  1. David says:

    Sign up for MySpace and Facebok and it will take about 3 seconds for you to understand how FB overtook MySpace.

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