Bag of Randomness

  • About three, maybe four years ago, I developed a friendship with a Philly sports fan.  He came up with the idea of starting a friendly bet that when the Cowboys and Eagles play their first matchup of the season, the loser has to post a pic of the winner’s choosing on his blog.  Somehow the Cowboys have one that first match since this bet started, but finally they lost and now I’m paying up.  I thought the Cliff Lee picture was a nice touch, albeit a bit of salt to the wound. 😉
  • It’s interesting how both Lou Gehrig and Brett Favre’s streaks both end in Detroit.
  • I was surprised that the folks at Ford Field went as far as painting the Viking’s logo on midfield and the end zones.
  • NBC got some heat for not using the flex-schedule to move the Eagles/Cowboys game out of prime time since the Cowboys are not a playoff contending team.  Turns out NBC knew what it was doing because it set a rating record.
  • I think the Jets did the only thing they could do regarding their “tripping coach” by suspending him the rest of the season.
  • While leaving a restaurant with both WifeGeeding and BabyGeeding over the weekend a stranger wished us a happy first Christmas.  I thought that was awfully nice, but informed him we were Jewish.
  • That story is true except for that Jewish part.
  • The thought just occurred to me that an NFL that I despise might just win a Super Bowl on my home turf.  Grrrr.
  • The folks in the area are just thankful that Cliff Lee didn’t sign with the Yankees.
  • A pastor friend of mine was playfully suggesting (at least I thought he was playfully suggesting) that Holiday Inn should change their name to Christmas Inn.
  • I’m thinking an average salary for a local veteran television reporter is about $129,000.  That was the amount Rebecca Aguilar was making before she was canned by Fox4.  Link
  • Mario in the lava burn ward
  • Chernobyl tours?
  • Inside the World’s Smallest Solar-Powered Movie Theater
  • More Protestant churches feel economic pain
  • When I saw this picture of Robert DeNiro I thought it was Jon Hamm.
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