Bag of Randomness

  • WifeGeeding’s procedure went better than expected yesterday.
  • With the death of Don Meredith and the anniversary of Howard Cosell announcing John Lennon’s death on Monday Night Football I was left thinking of my earliest memory of that program.  I only recall Al Michaels, Dan Dierdorf, and Frank Gifford in the booth, but I think I recall seeing Staubach’s halftime Ring of Honor induction and I believe that predates them.
  • I had no idea there’s a picture of John Lennon with his murderer that was taken the day of the incident.
  • I have no idea what to get my wife for Christmas.  Unlike me, she isn’t easy to buy for.
  • Jessica Simpson built a billion dollar fashion empire?  Well, I guess she’s got to do something since he singing and acting career isn’t that great.  The girl can sing, maybe not great, but she can sing.  But she is definitely guilty of being an over-singer.
  • Kathy Griffin’s joke about Brtistol Palin’s weight was not only crass but an easy cheap shot.  That being said, when she first started the competition I thought I would see a noticeable weight loss but didn’t.
  • I’m not sure what people see in Chelsea Handler.
  • is becoming increasingly annoying.  It seems that it doesn’t matter the article I click on, a video will automatically start playing.
  • My final guess for Barbara Walter’s Most Fascinating Person – Gen David Petraeus.
  • I fear the Patriots are streaking into the playoffs and are building an unstoppable momentum.
  • A college football coach actually takes a pay cut
  • I’m really hurting for material todayl
  • 12 Days of Whataburger Day 5 – Breakfast on a Bun
  • Impressive and beautiful pictures of a molten sulfur mine
  • Mad Men: The Inevitable Alignment Chart
  • Ugg Boot Vaccine
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