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  • It’s just the first week of December and that song played during the Tommy Hilfiger and Honda commercials is driving me batty.  I may take hostages the next time I hear that annoying song.
  • I don’t think I want to do the whole Santa thing in my family for pretty much the same reason my friend Andy doesn’t do it with his family.  But I’ll probably cave in just to make WifeGeeding happy.
  • If you are a student at Penn State and turn 21 you get emailed this link.
  • Genius idea – Star Wars Snow Flakes
  • After watching Qatar’s video for the World Cup bid I can see why they won it.
  • Rock ‘N Roll Map of Manhattan
  • If you’re a Spinal Tap fan then you will enjoy IMDB’s Easter egg.  Hint, look at the total star rankings.
  • Boehner to create ladies’ room off House floor
  • Just an observation about  the picture below which hangs on one of the walls of the headquarters of Southwest Airlines (just click to enlarge).  The person on the left is Herb Kelleher, a co-founder and Chairman Emeritus and former CEO and President of the airline.  You’ve heard me gush about him before, but the person on the right is no other than Neil Armstrong.  What cracks me up is that the first human to ever set foot on the moon, one of the most famous persons from a historical perspective, is wearing a name tag.  I know he’s not one to be in the spotlight much and he’s aged and all and that  “one small step for man”  moment happened over 40-years ago , but just the thought of the first human on the moon having to wear  a name tag is a bit funny to me.

  • Sometimes me and my friends will play the one-up game.  You know, you say something like “I once ran a nine-minute mile” and then your buddy will retort with “Oh yeah, I once ran an eight-minute mile” and then this will go on and on from topic to topic.   But the thing with Neil Armstrong is no one can ever one-up the man.  Seriously.
    • Two term presidents – there’s been many, he’s the first to set foot on the moon.
    • Super Bowl MVP –  – there’s been many, he’s the first to set foot on the moon.
    • Congressional Medal of Honor recipient  – extremely honorable, there’s been others, he’s the first to set foot on the moon.
    • Starred in the highest grossing film of all time – that record will breat, he’s the first to set foot on the moon.
    • First human in space – he’s don’t one better, he’s the first to set foot on the moon.
  • Grace
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