Bag of Randomness

  • Come on, Rangers, let’s close this series tonight and make some DFW history and unforgettable memories.
  • I’ve been on a pizza kick as of late.
  • My bed is most comfortable when the alarm goes off.
  • This whole parenting thing sure has got me being really appreciate of all the little things my parents did to take care of me . . . I just wish they were around for me to tell them so.
  • Kevin Jonas sure was living the sweet life in Texas
  • Juan Williams is a former NPR correspondent, former because he was fired over a comment he made as a guest on O’Reilly saying he gets nervous flying when people on the plane wear Muslim garb.  I have to admit, for better or worst, the thought always crosses my mind when I see something similar.  But I guess we should feel too sorry for the guy getting canned, he was just picked up by Fox News for a three year $2 million contract.
  • George W Bush says he misses the perks of being president . . . well, who wouldn’t?
  • Speaking of Dubya, he made a new YouTube video promoting his upcoming book.  Normally I wouldn’t have a problem with that, but he stated a while back that he wasn’t going to do any promotion for the book until after the midterm elections.  But maybe this video is harmless enough.
  • Now a critique about the video (it’s my only chance to play Don Draper) . . . he speaks against a black background, which I think is a mistake.  He should of spoke behind a white background.  If you are going to promote yourself and and a sense defend your presidency, then make sure you do so in the most positive of ways, even if it’s subtle things.
  • It’s nice having a shorter commute to work and not having to fill up the car as much, not that it was so bad to begin with.
  • Don’t expect any regular postings for next week while I’m traveling.  I might post some stuff on Monday, but who knows.
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