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Bag of Randomness

Today is my last workday as a consultant at Southwest Airlines.  I’m really grateful for my two years and four months there, it was the best time of my professional career.  It’s just full of great people and great leadership.  … Continue reading

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22 Common Southern Mispronunciations

I’m from the south, and don’t mind making fun of it. The people are nice, usually polite and very laid-back for the most part. But… sometimes they get a little lazy while they’re talking. Although southern accents can be quite … Continue reading

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Map Envelope

Print mailing envelopes lined with your Google Maps location. http://www.mapenvelope.com/

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Preacher Bureau Of Investigation

Finally a free website site that will allow church members to report a Pastor or Preacher that is ripping off the church, and hustling the members. If you have encountered a so-called “Man of God” and the experience was a … Continue reading

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Mmmmm, Panda Cupcakes

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Tempting Video of the Day

This poor guy has a giant tumor.

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