Bag of Randomness

  • The Rangers still haven’t made me a believer, this organization has let me down way too many times, but I still have my hopes.
  • I wanted to pick up a pizza on the way home from work and watch the Rangers game and when I called the restaurant they put me on hold and I after seven minutes I hung up and redialed.  I was asked to hold again, but told them that’s what I was told last time and no one picked up.  I was assured this wasn’t going to happen again, and thankfully it didn’t.  A manager apologized and included a free dessert for my troubles.
  • I got BabyGeeding to stand up with the help of me holding her hands for balance, it was a cute moment.
  • I’d enjoy going to more sports bars in my city if there was a smoking ban.   I think Lewisville is one of only a few cities without a smoking ban in the area.
  • I’m ready for the midterm elections to be over, all the political commercials are driving me nuts.
  • A beam from the World Trade Center is now in Cleburne to be part of a memorial.  Why, I don’t see the connection?  Sure it was a tragic and emotional event for the entire nation, heck the world, but I don’t understand why small town Cleburne has NY memorial.  Roadside attraction maybe?
  • I’m not sure what to think about the 20-year-old female criminology college student who became police chief because no one else wanted to in her town in Mexico.
  • Steve Jobs is a bit of a hypocrite.
  • While watching “How I Met Your Mother” there was a guest star that I just couldn’t recognize, and even when I saw her name in the credits it still didn’t ring a bell.  Turns out it was Jennifer Morrison who played Cameron on “House,” which is one of my favorite shows.
  • What’s so wrong with Comic Sans? – Answer . . . everything that is good in this world.
  • The local news reported that the founder of Hustler magazine died at a local hospital.  I always thought Larry Flight was the founder, and I wondered why the Englishman lived in the area.
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