Bag of Randomness

  • Interesting Charlie Hough stat – his career win-loss record is 216-216.
  • Let me get this right . . . I watched the Rangers abuse the Yankees two nights in a row, so much so they in both games Yankee Stadium emptied early?
  • Mr Geeding Goes to Washington – My new employer is sending me to our nation’s capital next week.  Actually, I’ll be staying in Annapolis and commuting to suburb of D.C.
  • My corporate credit card hasn’t come in yet, so I’ve been forced to use my own credit card and will have to fill out an expense report after my trip.  I don’t like the feeling of filling out those expense reports, hoping that everything gets approved.
  • While booking my trip American Airlines was kind enough to upgrade me to first class at no additional charge for the departure flight.  It was weird, as I was in the process of booking I kept choosing Coach/Economy class but later in the process it would display as First Class, so I called in and they mentioned that because of booking and availability I just happened to luck out.
  • It’s a Monday thru Friday trip, and with the Rally to Restore Sanity being held the next day, I was able to talk my manager into letting me take a flight home Saturday night so I could attend the event.
  • I’ll be flying into Baltimore, but will be flying out of Reagan National.
  • I’ll be staying with an old college roommate who happens to be one of my best friends, someone I haven’t seen in like four years.
  • I’m really not much for traveling, I really enjoy the comforts of home.  My goodness, I’m gonna miss DogGeeding.
  • Oh, and OtherDogGeeding.
  • And my man-cave.
  • And Whataburger.
  • I think that’s about it.
  • Oh yeah, I guess I’ll also miss that screaming infant and her mother.
  • Twenty years ago if you asked Ron Howard which one of his TV dads would die first, I’m sure he would have sad Matlock.
  • That last point was suppose to somewhat make you thing and at least give you a tiny chuckle.
  • It’s awfully weird that Clarence Thomas’ wife called Anita Hill recently and asked for an apology.
  • I’ve had a bit of sports nostalgia as of late, missing watching games on television in Texas Stadium, Old Yankee Stadium, Giants Stadium, and Reunion Arena.
  • During the Rangers but kicking of the Yankees a version of “God Bless America” was performed with an opening I’ve never heard before.
  • What did dinosaur meat taste like?
  • American Association of Exorcists

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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. dan says:

    So….you're not flying on Southwest?

  2. dan says:

    Hasn't Clarence Thomas' wife started/organized some sort of right-wing political organization? In your video above, the fat kid on the far left, with the blue hooded jersey, grabbed and tried to pull off the glove of the Ranger right fielder as he leaped to catch the Yankee home run ball. I'm amazed the ump didn't even consider that as fan interference. Another argument for replay, perhaps. For all the Yankee noise when they were out front, as soon as the Rangers pulled ahead the place started to empty out fairly fast. The expensive, corporate seats began emptying in seventh inning. The Yankees look old. Was the singer the actor, Patrick Wilson? Can you imagine stepping out in front of the packed Yankee crowd, during a evening primetime playoff game and sing "God Bless America" a capella?

  3. Dave Lawlor says:

    Hi Keith, being a Yankee season ticket holder, I have seen the full rendition of God Bless America sung in the 7th inning ever since 9/11. On special occasions and playoffs, we would be treated to the version sung by Irish Tenor Ronan Tynan which includes the nearly always skipped prologue. In my not so humble opinion, his is the best rendition ever. Sadly Mr. Tynan got in some hot water for a failed attempt at humor and is no longer asked to sing at the stadium – truly sad as I miss his wonderful rendition (still gives me chills). The Tenor the other night was probably the closest I’ve heard in some time and did include the prologue, but still not the same… take a listen here

    As a side note, and something that drives my wife crazy…. I NEVER leave a game early…sorry its just not even a consideration. I stayed until the very end of that very tough game for my Yankees… here’s to hoping for a Game 7 😉

  4. Shae says:

    Keith, I will be at the rally as well!

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