Bag of Randomness

  • Holy cow . . . the Rangers won a playoff series!  They may just make me a believer yet, but I still fear a Mavericks type of choke.
  • WFAA reported that the Rangers celebrated in the locker room by spraying each other with non-alcoholic beverages so that Josh Hamilton could be included.  Very, very cool.
  • My first day at work mainly consisted of an orientation and reading recent federal legislation.  The orientation was informative and helpful, but at one point I was growing a little tired and then noticed on the PowerPoint presentation we were only on slide 8 of 78.
  • It’s a bit odd being at work all day and not having a log-in ID or a work email address assigned to me as of yet.
  • There are only six people in the office I work in, and for all this week I’m the only male in the office.
  • The photo for my badge was taken with an iPhone.
  • A benefit I did not expect regarding my new 401k, unlike other places I have worked, I’m fully vested on the first day regarding what the company matches.
  • Part of the day was spent in what I would call a highly secure federal building.  It all made me think I was in the middle of an X-Files episode, especially when I saw portraits of the president and vice-president hanging in certain places.  For a brief moment, I thought I saw Skinner roaming the halls.
  • It turns out that I’m reunited with one of my old coworkers, who upon being asked about my resume from the interviewing manager, told her to hire me.
  • One of my coworkers was telling me about how her daughter worked as a congressional page for six months for their Republican congressman, even though they were Democrats.  Her daughter was lucky enough to work during the most recent State of the Union.  She told me that there’s this stupid tradition that before the president enters the chambers the pages line up to shake his hand, but only the pages of the president’s party gets to shake his hand.  It’s really silly that kids miss out on the opportunity of shaky the presidents hand because of silly partisan traditions.
  • We had two quotes on our foundation repair yesterday.  One company stated we need only five piers which would cost us around $1500 and another stated we would need 21 that would cost us close to $7700.  We are getting two more quotes today.  Grrrrr.
  • I really enjoyed reading the fascinating Sports Illustrated article Confessions of a former NFL agent.
  • I love the idea of the girls at Colleyville Heritage High School choosing not to wear makeup on Tuesdays.  Most women just don’t understand that less is more.
  • The Favre scandal really doesn’t interest me.
  • From Conservapedia – Greatest Conservative Songs
  • Updated: Top 10 YouTube Videos of All Time – They’re all music centric
  • Hinge Tape
  • A band had an impromptu concert on a highway, if I was stuck in that traffic I would be livid.
  • Mad Men Theme Song … With a Twist – sung by Brian Williams’ daughter who has a pretty good voice
  • Fox is considering a Napoleon Dynamite cartoon
  • Rock Stars Then and Now
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